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The body may include one or more paper s submitted or to be submitted to a peer reviewed scholarly journal, each as a separate chapter. The dissertation proposal defense must be documented on a Departmental Proposal Defense form signed by your entire committee at the conclusion of the successful proposal meeting.

Plan of Study Early in the graduate program, each student should confer with the appropriate departmental advisor or major professor to select courses and discuss research interests.

Make suggested changes and corrections to the dissertation. The text generally should not exceed words for a thesis and words for a dissertation. The First Submission Approval Form must be signed by your entire committee.

Body required The body typically includes all divisions of the text, such as parts, chapters, sections, and subsections. Get the form from the Graduate Coordinator Thane Bryant prior to the meeting or get it online here and return the signed form to him after the meeting.

If a student fails the thesis defense, one re-examination may be given on recommendation of the advisory committee and approval by the dean of the Graduate School. The Thesis Option The master of arts, master of science and master of industrial design are offered under the thesis option.

At this time, the student should also complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates. Become familiar with requirements for the desired degree as outlined in this Bulletin.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Guide

At the same time, the student takes the Dissertation First Submission Approval Form to the Thesis and Dissertation Office, including the name of the person recommended as the University reader. See Sample and Template. The list of tables begins at the left margin, on the fourth line below the heading.

Make sure to print out this form and bring it to the defense. Consult with departmental advisor and become oriented to departmental procedures.

Dissertations and Theses

Plan schedule of study for the first semester with advisor. Order and Components The thesis or dissertation is typically organized into three main sections: IRB Protocol Approval application for dissertation research. Thesis students register for Research and Thesis in semesters when working on the thesis, when submitting, defending or awaiting final approval of the thesis, and when taking final examinations.

These requirements are outlined in the departmental statements later in this section. Embargos or Restricted Access Students have the option of restricting public access to the thesis or dissertation for a period of up to five years.

Use of Copyrighted Material The use of copyrighted materials in a thesis or dissertation requires the permission of the copyright holder. Non-thesis graduate students who complete a special project must register for in semesters when working on the project.

With fuel usage being a large factor in high operational costs of Revise Dissertation into final form incorporating feedback from outside reader and GS.

All other pages in this section are numbered using lower case Roman numerals e. Headings may be in mixed case e. Reference Pages required The reference pages include the list of references and any optional appendices.

The student must register for a minimum of four credit hours of this course but may register for as many hours as desired. They will remain in your departmental file for use by the program directors in the annual assessments of the doctoral programs. No more than six hours may be counted toward meeting degree requirements.

Consult with the advisor on approval for the thesis plan, if pertinent, and become familiar with the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Guide, on the Web www.

Also collect a completed Department of Psychology Dissertation Assessment form from each of your committee members at the conclusion of the meeting and give those to Thane.

Therefore, issues raised in the defense of the dissertation will focus on whether the research was conducted as planned in the proposal, the analysis of the data, and the conclusions that the student makes from the obtained results. If a student has not met all undergraduate pre-requisites in any field chosen for major or minor work, these should be scheduled as soon as possible, preferably before graduate work begins.

Obtain application forms from the Graduate School and apply for admission by submitting completed forms and other required materials as outlined in this Bulletin.

The student is responsible for carrying out the planned program and for asking the major professor to make necessary changes. Students in a teaching field e.For theses or dissertations containing many equations (typically mathematics or engineering students), LaTex may be used for styling.

Download and unzip the to a directory, copy the file to, modify the \title, \author, \date, \copyright year, \advisor, and \professor tags for the preamble, and start writing your thesis or dissertation.

Dissertations published from forward contain abstracts and many have a page preview.

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Most dissertations from are available in full text. Abstracts for older dissertations (pre) may be found in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI), the precursor to the online index. The volumes are shelved at Z U5 D5 in closed stacks.

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Search the Auburn University Libraries' online catalog, AUBIECat, and other resources available to students, faculty, and staff of Auburn University. Welcome to AUETD, Auburn University's database of Master's theses and Ph.D.

dissertations. The database contains a PDF version of every thesis or dissertation successfully defended at Auburn since the Fall semester. Auburn University reserves the right to make copies of the thesis, but the student retains all publication rights. Effective Summerall theses must be published electronically through AUETD.

Dissertation Guidelines

At the discretion of the program, students may be required to pass a comprehensive examination independent of the required thesis defense.

Online Non-thesis Option. Students enrolled in the online MS program experience an environment that matches a regular face-to-face program.

Lecture videos and other course material are posted online, assignments can be completed at home and exams can be taken in a proctored environment where the student is located.

Auburn university thesis search
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