Philips sense and simplicity

The Move Following these missteps, Philips realized the need to clarify its vision to consumers. Coming from humble beginnings as a maker of light bulbs, Philips found itself poised to enter the new millennium with a massive portfolio of technology products.

Philips' 'Simplicity' Campaign: A Brilliant Creative Standout

A great story that features what successful brand strategy is about: In most cases, their product descriptions never exceed a single line of text. With testing underway, Philips initiated a repositioning of its brand between and If you are looking for a perfect example of what encapsulates a successful brand repositioning, Philips is where to begin.

In each of these domains, Philips already has many proof points of simplicity and some of these we highlight in our new advertising campaign. It turned to market research to uncover what strategy suited the company best.

Philips: Making Sense of Simplicity

That is why you will always see multiple insertions in consecutive TV commercial breaks. Their new message was more than a tagline; Philips sense and simplicity was a promise to the consumer and to the company itself. The challenge before us is to further realign our company to deliver on our new brand positioning in each and every aspect of what we do and make," he continued.

The future looked bright, save for one major hindrance: Inat the point of the repositioning, Philips was at its lowest brand valuation ranking, Prior tothis sea of product names and product-specific marketing strategies had overwhelmed Philips. Following extensive research and examination of its web services across users, the site has been completely redesigned to deliver a more engaging, user-oriented experience, fully in line with the Simplicity concept.

Since then, the company has successfully climbed from 65 to the place position. September 14, Subscribe Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates We respect your privacy.

At a time in which our businesses could all define their own direction under one broad umbrella, this was probably okay. Others may aspire to be more fashionable, more cool. To make matters worse, not only was this external confusion creating problems, but the company faced major issues on an internal level as well.

Not only was the marketing strategy for each item inconsistently implemented across company lines, but consumers were also failing to recognize how such a breadth of products could be traced back to Philips.

One ad reinforces another. The mix of our activities will continue to change and our new brand positioning has also been designed to guide us through this next phase of our transformation. In the process, we will enter into new markets and create whole new categories.

Every product division had its own name, identity, and marketing strategy, none of which added any substance or value to the greater Philips brand.

Philips focuses on 'Sense and Simplicity' in new brand campaign

This is a first and absolutely unique in modern advertising. In addition to the global advertising campaign, Philips also relaunched the company website www.

We wanted to use a different language than the one you might have expected from any technology company, and from Philips in particular - fresher, cleaner, more human," Ragnetti continued.

Philips: Sense and Simplicity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

We have clear ideas about how to consistently fill in empty spaces around our core competencies, often in the overlaps of the healthcare, lifestyle and technology domains.

Most strategists will agree that simplicity is a key to effective marketing—if not THE key. As a company with a global presence, external communications suggested otherwise.

To complement the creation of this independent board of experts, Philips also held a special Simplicity Event—most recently in in Moscow—to communicate to shareholders how far the company has gone in achieving its dual goals.– Philips launches the “sense and simplicity” campaign - a mantra, tagline, and corporate philosophy all in one - which continues to guide the company's business today by Audacity Team /.

Philips: Turning Simplicity Into Brand Power.

Fundamental to the variant was the Sense and Simplicity marketing campaign, which came to embody a completely new means of doing business at Philips. The main goal of the Simplicity and Perception effort was customers aged 35 Oct 08,  · Rather, I'm talking about the "Sense and Simplicity" brand campaign in which the creative excellence is not so much the message, but rather the way it's been delivered.

Aug 27,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. By adopting an Open Innovation strategy and harnessing our relationships with institutes, academia and industrial partners, we leverage company-wide synergies in technology, research, design and IP to bring innovations to market faster and more effectively.

Philips Sense and Simplicity - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The presence of physical borders between countries has become meaningless for business organizations to much extent due to globalization of markets.

Philips sense and simplicity
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