Review of related literature of achievement motivation

This was especially true in Washington, D. The impact of achievement motivation training of small businesses.

Selecting managerial talent with the job choice exercise. Businesses that have a large number of staffers who score high in managerial motivation because of their high need for achievement, are more likely to see those staffers have a higher managerial performance than others and have a higher managerial promotion rate than others.

He lists five specific criticisms for his belief: In their book on managerial behavior and performance, Campbell, Dunnette, Lawler and Weick wrote: When managers take the time to understand their employees, employees will increasingly feel like they are a vital part of the business and will be engaged in its success.

Regardless of the type of business, achievement motivation training is effective for manufacturing, retail and service businesses Achievement, power and managerial motivation: Based on this finding, Stahl cites Steers as saying that the most successful managers are those who combine a power-orientation with an achievement-orientation For his part, Schatz writes that McClelland has become so attached to his own hypothesis that he has unconsciously selected and used data in a way designed to support rather than test his theory.

Both of the above examples prove that training based on the achievement motivation theory can positively benefit businesses and its staffers, providing the correct economic infrastructure is also in place.

When McClelland followed up on those who were involved in the training and compared them to small businessmen who had not been trained to see if significant differences in business performance emerged over time, it was concluded that the businesses managed by the trained men grew faster in terms of sales and in number of employees, then did businesses managed by the untrained men.

It is not economic planners or politicians who are ultimately responsible for the pace of economic growth in poor countries today, but the business executives whose drive or lack thereof will determine whether the goals of the planners and politicians are fulfilled.

Owners can experience an increased energy in establishing, expanding, and improving their small businesses by participating in achievement motivation training. A volume in honor of David C.

Literature Review: Achievement Motivation Theory (McClelland)

McClelland and his colleagues repeatedly and extensively documented the importance of the need for achievement which is also referred to as n Ach or N-Ach in organizational, industrial and entrepreneurial situations. Most people whose dominant motivator is achievement have a strong desire to set challenging goals and be a part of challenging projects, including taking risks to see those goals accomplished and those projects completed.

Quarterly Journal of Economics, 79 2 Doing so could significantly improve the performance of business staffers, which would result in an improved performance for the business as a whole.

This type of behavior is most often seen in perfectionists who constantly stress over what they could have done better, instead of appreciating what they did do well. Managers must not make the mistake of thinking that all their employees value the same thing or are motivated by the same type of reward.

Harvard Business Review, 40 4 Maslow identified five basic needs that he believed all humans have: Goleman also notes, however, that the downside to the need drive is that one can be so focused on work goals that he or she fails to fully live life.

Because they have an inherent need to succeed, people whose dominant motivator is achievement need little inspiration from an outside force to get things done.

How can an entrepreneur or any business individual know if he or she has a high need for achievement? Business People, 26 5Review of Related Literature. This subchapter contains facts about Strategic Position and Sales Performance related to the present study. These are both essential and.

CARLETON PAPERS IN APPLIED LANGUAGE STUDIES 71 Understanding Motivation: A Review of Relevant Literature Mike Barker Carleton University The Challenge. Review of Related Literature According to Seligman, M.E.

() motivation is the driving force which helps causes people to achieve goals. It is said to be intrinsic or extrinsic. The purpose of this paper is to review related literature of soccer coach‟s leadership styles characteristics of an outstanding leader are an everlasting drive for achievement, honesty, through motivation and to achieve high levels of performance (Daft, ).

Daft (). 9 CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researchers.

Literature Review on Theories of Motivation. Unfortunately, this simple definition hides the dynamic intricacies of the motivation literature. motivation outlines the achievement and.

Review of related literature of achievement motivation
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